february 2019

Information about sexual health is still considered a taboo in Indonesia. However,

Reckitt Beckinser is persistent in making sexual contraception available and erasing the negative stigma throughout the country. We believe that respect is the foundation of a good relationship and that sexual health is a common responsibility for all partners. 

#SayangBeneran is a campaign that's released by Durex Indonesia on Valentine's Day 2019. 

Led by social influencer and pyschologist, Inez Kristanti, we probed different couples with questions about love & relationship to define their own version of #SayangBeneran (True Love) in a social experiment.

This concept is extended into a social media activation in a form of user generated content where Durex's IG followers can share their own #SayangBeneran version and share it with a IG story template that we have provided. 

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